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We Offer Ear Wax Removal Service in Maidstone, Orpington and the surrounding areas.

Carried out by our Audiology Consultant, Andriy Drypen, the procedure is safe, comfortable and highly effective.

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Do you suffer with blocked ears? Muffled hearing? Earache? We can help.  All Ears! specialise in all methods of ear cleaning, but after years of research we have chosen microsuction as a preferred ear cleaning method. 

Microsuction professional ear wax removal procedure is gentle and safe – it is performed using precision instruments, microscope and medical-grade suction.  It carries a much lower risk of ear infection or damage to ears and often does not require any wax softening. 

We can also perform ear syringing or manual wax removal if the case warrants it, although in 90% microsuction is advised.

The ear wax procedure (by any method) costs £65 in our Maidstone or Orpington clinic, with a small £35 consultation fee if we find no wax.  Paediatric ear wax removal and ear cleaning costs £80 and is available to children over 5 years of age.

Home visits cost £100 and are often available on the same or the following day.  A small £45 consultation fee applies if we find no wax. 

The professional ear cleaning is always performed by the highly qualified and skilled Audiology Consultant, Andriy Drypen, with years of experience and vast knowledge of ear health.  Mr Drypen has been practising in several NHS and private hospitals in London since 2008, before moving to Kent to set-up his own independent ear health clinic.  His patients benefit from holistic care, made possible by the network of prominent healthcare and medical professionals. 

Signs of excessive wax build up

• A feeling of pressure/fullness/blocked ears
• Earache, ear discomfort
• Reduced, dull, muffled hearing 
• Discomfort after showering or swimming
• Problems with wearing hearing aids (discomfort, earache)
• Hearing aids may whistle as the wax will cause acoustic feedback
• Hearing aids may become blocked with wax, requiring costly servicing
• Balance issues and dizziness
• Noises in the ears (e.g. ringing, buzzing, humming, hissing, rushing)

What is ear wax

Wax is very important – it is naturally made by our ears to prevent infections, dryness and any damage to the ear canal and the eardrum. Also known as cerumen, wax is made up of old skin cells, dust and natural oils that are secreted by the glands in our ear canals. These oils lubricate our ears and prevent them from becoming too dry and sore.  

The composition and extent of wax build-up depends on each individual, and is influenced by genetic factors as well as age, diet,  and environment. Hearing aid users will experience an increased production of wax, as having a hearing aid in the ear will stimulate the glands to secrete oils at a faster rate. This is also the case for people who use cotton buds to clean their ears.

What should you do about earwax?

The answer is simple – have your ear wax removed and ears examined by a professional Audiologist.

We strongly advise our patients not to use cotton buds or any other home methods to remove the wax themselves. It is normal to have some amount of wax in your ears.  

Cotton buds may irritate the skin in your ear canals and even cause damage. It may also push the wax further into the ear canal, only impacting it more and making it more difficult to remove.

Traditionally olive oil has been used as a home method to remove wax. The results vary for most people. Whilst in rare cases olive oil can soften the wax and cause it to come out naturally, it can also cause it to expand and further block the ears. 

Ear Wax Removal Maidstone
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Jade Gassler
Jade Gassler
Would highly recommend to anyone who's got children with blocked ears. Everyone there was absolutely lovely, so professional and quick. My son has suffered with blocked ears for years and within 10 minutes his problem was solved, no pain at all. Will definitely return if needed!
Jane Cutler
Jane Cutler
Nick Smith
Nick Smith
Andriy is a very knowledgeable, caring Audiologist, I highly recommend him for anyone needing hearing related issues diagnosing and managing
Dean Robinson
Dean Robinson
My wife had a hearing test with Andriy Drypen the audiology consultant. Fast, efficient testing making my wife feel comfortable and at ease. Highly recommend Andriy.
Emma Edwards
Emma Edwards
Andriy Drypen is a very knowledgeable and experienced audiologist. My husband has complex hearing difficulties including a severe hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis. His NHS hearing aids were no longer helping but exacerbating the situation. Andriy worked with him over several appointments to provide hearing aids that provided an acceptable level of hearing without irritating his tinnitus. With Andriy’s help he was once again able to socialise with family and friends. Thank you Andriy for your continued support, professionalism and understanding.
Bill Neaves
Bill Neaves
Excellent service. Andriy was very professional and made me feel at ease. I purchased 2 hearing aids and now I can listen to to my vinyl with total clarity and at large gatherings with lots of background noise I can join in the conversation instead of sitting there quiet because I couldn't hear. I can honestly say that the hearing aids that Andriy chose for me have changed my life. I have no hesitation to highly recommend All Ears
Kenneth Reeves
Kenneth Reeves
Professional friendly service would recommend
Jasmine Bacon
Jasmine Bacon
Great service highly recommended
Paul Murton
Paul Murton
Professional and courteous, with full explanations for each part of the extensive Vestibular Function Tests
David Heath
David Heath
Efficient, friendly and knowledgeable service. Would recommend.

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